Saturday 19th March

 Chosen Exemplar Architect – Gabriel Poole.


Chosen Exemplar House – The Lake Weyba House.


Description of the site:

The Lake Weyba House is situated near Lake Weyba, approximately 10 minutes from Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast. The vegetation consists typically of coastal wallum, casuarinas, gums, and grass trees.


Description of the Architect:

Gabriel Poole was born and educated in South-East Queensland, and initially worked as a Jackaroo in Central Queensland before he began his studies in Architecture at the then known Queensland Technical Institute, now Queensland University of Technology.  After graduating, Poole spent time working in offices in London, as well as Brisbane. He opened his own practice in 1968, influencing other architects, for example, Lindsay Clare and John Mainwaring, both well known Sunshine Coast Architects.

Gabriel Poole’s Tent House received recognition from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects in the 1970’s, and then went on to develop lightweight and affordable designs for particular markets including disability accessible and Indigenous housing.

Since 2007, Poole has focused on his ‘takeaway’ designs, which incorporate prefabricated, modular housing.


“All my life has been dedicated to the search for a better house and better lifestyle. My buildings are different not simply for the sake of it but because I believe there are better ways of construction and living than those now available to us” (Wallace and Stutchbury, 2008)


I think the magic in the building is as important as anything you do because people have got to live in it and I think you can really enhance their quality of life by putting them into a building which frees the spirit. I’m trying to get people out of enclosed spaces. I try to get them to look out there and see all the beauty that surrounds them instead of looking inward at a whole lot of things they have purchased to put into the house to make it beautiful. I think the beauty is out there. I hope that my buildings give visual pleasure to those who see them and spiritual pleasure to those who dwell in them.  – Gabriel Poole August 31, 1997 (Quote taken from an Interview printed in Walker, 1998)


Gabriel Pooles Drawings:

The following are replication of Gabriel Poole’s Lake Weybe House. Poole only publicated a few drawings of his design, which were CAD drawings and not much architectural style could be gained. Due to this lack of information, I encoporated a small amount of experimentational drawings.


Examples found of Architectural Syle:

Example of Architectural Style (Image taken from Walker, 1998)

Note: Trees people and use of black

Example of Architectural Style (Image taken from Walker, 1998)


Example of Architectural Style (Image taken from Walker, 1998)

Note: Use of black thick drafting pen.


Architectural Drawings:

Three Dimensional Volumetric Exterior Representation

Site Plan

Floor Plan

East Elevation

West Elevation

South Elevation

Section B-B

Schemative Diagraming

Bubble diagram showing interacting spaces


Three Dimensional Interior Volumetric Representation


Photo Montage


Media Experimentation - Charchol


Thumbnail Sketches


Thumbnail Sketches


Thumbnail Sketches


Thumbnail Sketches



Environmental Filter:

Climatic considerations determine site orientation. Poole describes his climatic disciplines to be like how you would set up a camp site. His experience of being a Jackaroo has influenced his reasons for light weight materials in construction as well as opening the building up to the sun and the angle of sunlight during each season of the year is also crucial information.  For example, the Lake Weyba House design includes retractable walls and veranda faces to shelter the interior from the hot solar heat in summer. Likewise, all of the windows have eaves which let the low winter sun inside the building, but also protect them in summer when the sun is directly overhead. Other environmental considerations include; the tail end of the building, where the water tanks are situated is the direction of wind and rain. The roof pitch is designed to capture the direction of the prevailing winds.

The Lake Weyba area is slowing but surely being demolished to make way for new developments. Poole is adamant that he is going to preserve the coastal wallum on his property. But because of this vegetation, there are little views on the property. Poole has seen to this problem by incorporating the views of the sky into every room in the house. So even if the bushland gets demolished, the residents of the Lake Weyba household will still have their predominant views.


Human Activities:

 Gabriel Poole definatly tends to design his houses for specific human activities. The Lake Weyba house is a perfect example of a house following specific requirements. These include the introduction of modular living to this couple. Separating the Bedroom from office and living areas. This will be incorporated in my Cabin Design.

The Lake Weyba house is a perfect example of how house can be divided into separate human areas. This house has separated the Bedroom from the rest of the house as well as the Bathroom. Even in the main living area, Poole has also achieved separation of human activities though partision walls.

I also like the way that Gabriel Poole has elevated Human Activities off the ground.


Delightful Experience:

Poole’s commitment to absolute simplicity and truth in structure and materials reveals a similarity to Japanese design. While he acknowledges this similarity in the simplicity of form and detail, his identity with the Australian out back has been the predominant influence in his designs. Becasuse of the lack of views around the property, Poole has incorporated sky views into every room of the house. He has also used a far amount of glass and windows to ‘open’ the building up. I aim to use similar windows in my cabin to achieve this.


Wallace M. and S. Stutchbury, 2008, Place Makers:  Contemporary Queensland Architects, Queensland Art Gallery, South Brisbane

Walker, B. 1998, Gabriel Poole – Space in which a soul can play, Visionary Press, Noosa.


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