Monday 21st March

Assignment 1 Part C – Cabin Design


Environmental Filter


Diagram 1 shows the Summer and Winter sun patterns, and Diagram 2 shows the privacy aspect of the block


Ventilation Diagram


This Diagram shows the cross ventilation patterns of the cabin design


Delightful Experience

This diagram shows the views of the sky and warmth from the sun under the translucent roofing over the bathoom


I used the bathoom (shower and toilet) as reflection spaces. They are both outside elements which have views of the natural surrounding bushland.


This Diagram shows how a person entering the house can see straight through to the views outside


Container Human Activities

Adjacency Matrix


Bubble Diagram


Amended Bubble Diagram


Diagram 1 shows zoning of semi private and private spaces, separated by movement spaces


Containers of human Activities


Movement throughout the cabin


Working drawings


Working drawings


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